Out of Light into Darkness - T.A. Chase
Who want to be ravished by a sexy viking vampire???

image ME ME ME!!!!


So, as I was saying...

Andor, a badass ex viking and vampire image, is losing his sight. His only hope is to find what is happening (poison? Where?).

Sven is a human from Andor image household.

Can Andor understand why he is blind? Can it be reversed? Can someone please take Andor's cloths to our delighted?



Aham... as I was saying... yes, I really enjoy this story BUT I can't give more than 3 stars.
The plot was too rushed, I didn't had enough time to know all characters... and worst of all: the fight I want so much (Andor kicking the bad guy ass) wasn't described!

So, just because I had some issues with the rush I'm giving 3 stars... this book totally deserve more... but well, I can't do it.

And yeah... it's was a good excuse to add TONS of Eric Northman (Alexander SkarsgÄrd) images... sorry... I couldn't resist!