Found - Adrienne Wilder
Sometimes it's not easy to find what we are searching for...
but we must keep searching...

It's time for more of Darwin and Peter's story!

Darwin is depressed after Peter's death in book 4, with absolutely nothing to go on now. His life is now just keep breathing, waiting for his time to go. He can't eat, sleep... but, he is not alone. Raithe will not give up... the Lesser-Bred (aka, half dragon half human) is the only one by Darwin side, and he is determinate to take care of Darwin.

It's another short story, of a serie that still have my full attention. Each time, from book 1 up to now, #5, Darwin is the only narrator and I must say I'm very glad of this choice! He is hilarious, and so passionate! His love, or his hurt, is always so intense! So... so... genuine!

Certainly it's another 5 stars to a serie I'm still hooked on. I can't stop it... I MUST keep reading!