Walk A Lonesome Road - Ann Somerville What I would say, if someone ask me what was my feelings reading this story? If I recommend it?

First I would start saying it's a standalone, but it's part of a complex world. Before I read it I did a little research to know something about the "paranormals".
Click here, to know the basic info http://logophilos.net/free-original-fiction/periter/
Click here, to see a map http://logophilos.net/free-original-fiction/permap/
So, I knew a little, almost nothing, about the background.

Second and in my view most important it's not a romance... But it's a heartbreaking love story. Yeah, I know it's confusing, but it's true. Dek is completely and absurdly insane... Yep, cruel but true. His past is pain, suffering, and the way his mind choose to deal with it was: be away from everyone and everything. Ren is not far from that point. Used in horrendous scientific experiments and also traumatized.
So, the main characters are really insane? Yep, very... Ren need medical help, Dek is the only one that can help him, because no one, but a crazy man, would try to save a fugitive.

Third and last comment would be a warning. It's a very long story, and full of sadness and hope. Ren can survive such long and desperate trip? Dek can keep his mind away, from his personal demons, keeping Ren safe? The story didn't lost the appealing, but I must admit after a while I was tired of so much angst. I'm used to tormented heroes, I LOVE tormented heroes and I think It was that fact that made me read all this book. It's long... So if you think you can't deal with so much pain better search a more "happy" story... But, I must also say you can lost a opportunity to know two of the best male characters I even found in a fantasy book.

So do I recommend it? Simple way to answer: yes and no. I loved it, I can't give less than 5 stars, but I also know it's my big love for fantasy and tormented heroes that help me finish it... So, yes, I do and don't recommend it... Everything depends on your mood. If you want a happy and funny story avoid this book. If you want two true and in pain men, fighting against powerful enemies, and fighting against their personal demons read it... Because it will be perfect for you, as it was for me.

5 stars