Witness - L.A. Gilbert Have you ever heard the expression "Comfort Read"? Well this book is exactly that...
... a sweet romantic story

Ben is a cop, and his life is more or less boring. I know I know... As a cop he can't have a boring life,but for Ben his work is just something he do to fill his empty life. After the death of his father he stay in their home, all by himself. His last boyfriend was a disaster, and he want to fall in love again, but have no idea how to do it.

Reece is by far my favorite main character of this book. Why? He is funny and totally screw up doing a job for the money, because what he really want to do (be a professional photographer) is for now just a dream. He life in a shit apartment, and is a doll, taking care of Roger, a old widower and his landlord. I mean, who in this moderns days have time to do it? Take care and give attention to someone like Roger?
But most of all... I love one obsession of Reece...
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So yes, this book is a romance. Both will be attract to the idea of finally have a long and real relationship, so both will do everything to keep the other.
I don't want to be mean of anything, it's just my honesty opinion: don't pretend to have more than romance and love scenes. There is no drama, no angst, and neither suspense... it's just loooooooooooove, and many (MANY MANY MANY) LMAO moments.

5 stars, "Börk, börk, börk!"