Don't Read in the Closet: Volume Two -  Jor,  Cleon Lee,  Amy Lane,  Marguerite Labbe,  Jason Huffman-Black,  Kaje Harper,  Kari Gregg,  Kerry Freeman,  Havan Fellows,  Taylor V. Donovan,  Megan Derr,  Nicole Dennis,  Casey K. Cox,  Jaya Christopher,  J.M. Cartwright,  J.R. Boyd,  Mandy Beyers, Blaine D. Arden *Review of Cleon Lee Short story – BENEATH YOUR WINGS (Angel/Demon)*

Zeqiel and Theliel are such heartbreaking couple!

Zeqiel is a cast out angel... banned from heaven, forever.

aka he is a demon

Theliel is his other half, an angel still in paradise. Zeqiel is forbidden to see, hear or talk to him...

But something is impossible to control... something that is so important, and is the reason of Zeqiel existence... that something is called love

Can an angel and a demon be together?
Read this free short story to discover it... with a box of Kleenex by our side... their love is really heartbreaking!

5 stars