Learning to Samba - Johnny Miles Even with a COOL Brazilian character image I didn't finish it, but I would certainly recommend it!

The positive aspects of this book image

The age gap João, Brasilian and 25 and Brian USA citizen and 48 yeard old are the main characters. I must admit I was VERY enthusiast because I like, and rarely find, good age gap stories.

The kinky side of Brian reeeeeeeeeeeeeally made me sweat! Oh! SOOOOO GOOD! He is older than João, so find a older character submission to a younger is HOT!

The sad past of Brian broken my heart... even is I have no idea if I should add it in the positive or negative part of my review. Sometimes his "talks" with his deceased partner were not good placed... let's say, when he was with João I would love to read him full committed to the present, not "asking permission" to his ex partner while kissing João.

As a Brazilian I can say João is VERY realistic and is an almost perfect character! Why almost? Read my first statement of the negative aspects.

It was a pleasurable reading! because there is Brian's family too in this story, and I like his sister and the kids.

And now... unfortunately the reasons that made me stop readimage

João delude me, as a doctor. Ok, so maybe it's a sort of spoiler, but not to much, if I say there is a BJ scene in the middle of the night, on the streets. It was GOOD! I swear I like it a lot, because I was really in love with Brian and João... but then, I realize something. João, an infectologist, working in a infective facility, with a hell of a knowledge about risks so why did he forget it? A BJ in the streets, without protection?
No, I'm not one of those readers bitching about non protected sex in books. It' s book, a fiction, it's ok. The writer is not doing propaganda of non protect sex... it's not that... the fact is, it's not right, to the character. Just that. As an infectologist it's so damn wrong, what he did, exposing Brian to MANY infective diseases. Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (multiple strains), and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) (there is still controversy about AIDS) can be transmitted through oral sex. And guys, this info I'm taking from wikipedia, if I grab one of the medical books from my work I think people would scream and cry... so well, it's not right, an infectologist, aka João, didn't caring about his partner.

The second reason that made me put it down is the use of some works, like "sphincter" or too many strange phrases about the Brian's hole... wait! hey, can I say hole in a review? Sorry if I can't but well it's true... to vivace to my view... it freak me outimage
"My hole puckered in reaction, twitching and spasming as if with a mind all its own"

So, I can't give an evaluation because I didn't finish it. I think most of the problems were very personal, so if someone ask me I would recommend this book. It's good, not kidding, but it's not for me.