Star Runner - Eden Cole Short and great erotic story, about an alien, Garroe... and an absolutely ordinary human, Damien...
So, Damien is very bored, alone and stuck in his usual routine, of work, work... and well, yeah work... we all can be tired of the damn routine we must follow
but well, there is nothing we can do against it.. right?
Well, no! what we are need is a VERY luck day, and a falling starship bringing a hot horny alien as Garroe.

I can't give more than 3 stars because it's almost a boring story. No, wait, I like it, it's just, well, nothing really happened... there is Damien and Garroe and MANY sex scenes... and that's it.

So certainly if you want a VERY great erotic novel this book is perfect for you. For me? No, I was hoping there would be more... so well, 3 stars

Just to be precise, I enjoy the story, even if I found two problems
Garroe don't have human eyes, he hide it using sunglasses. One day NSA agents appear from nowhere to question Damien and Garroe's glare scare agents from NSA? Wait, the agents saw his inhuman eyes and didn't say anything? Garroe wasn't using sunglasses, or if he is it's not said. The agents just run? I read all the time waiting for a fucking army invasion, war tanks and helicopters, to take Garroe in custody... but no, nothing....
Another is in the end, an editing problem, the use of one name character is not right, page 61
Garroe sank to the floor and knotted his fists at his sides. Emotions raged inside him.
it's wrong
Damien sank to the ....

Both probably are the result of lack of attention (I contact the editor to show the problem). So well, maybe another edition will not have this problems.