Enraptured - Scarlet Hyacinth image
Regardless the countless "bro" (well, I must agree with my friend Ares, it was repeated too much) I ADORED this book. It's a very sweet fantasy/sci-fi/romance!!!! Oh yes, I have no idea if I should classify it as fantasy/sci-fi or just as a romance... because it's all! No kidding!

The plot
Imagine a parallel/alternative reality. Humans have magic, healing power, can see people aura. And their don't call themselves humans, but Alarians. They know about the strange world of humans, but it's sort of a taboo to them talk about portals or anything related to humankind or the human world.
They share their world with non humanoid creatures... winged creatures called Xeetah... winged creatures, that we, humans, would call demons!
YEAH!!! Cool no? Oh yes, it's a VERY cool plot! And oh HELL YEAH!!!! DEMONS!!!! WINGED DEMONS!!!!

no wait, I'm must take a step back... so, Alarians and Xeetah share a world, and their reins are always negotiating for peace pacts.

The story will be from two characters POV, one a Alarian prince, Gabriel, and a Xeetah prince, Lucien.

The cool stuff, that made me scream "squeeeeee" image
1) winged characters...
I can't stress enough how much I love this aspect! image IT'S SOOOOOOO COOL! I love wings, it's cool and it's VERY good to FINALLY read about such amazing demons... winged demons!!!!

2)It's cool, but sad, the tormented past of Gabriel... he is a prince, but a not wanted one. His life is tormented by a strong magician, Lothar. Unfortunately at his 19 birth (something that is imminent in the story) he will be forced to mate with that vicious character. If you have problems with abuse certainly the first pages of this book will scary you... but well, don't give up because the scenes of abuse will not be for too long.

3)It's a romance from 3 couples, not just one. Because Gabriel have 2 brothers, and well, the demons delegation have more than just one hot winged demon. But I'll not say more, or I'll spoil your fun!

4)MALE PREGNANCY!!!! And I'll not say more... you must read to discover about it.

So do I recommend it?
OMG! OF COURSE I DO! I love it, and I read it without stop because it's perfect! The drama, the romance, the suspense... and the mystery. Gabriel have no idea of his full power, and well, people, don't think it's a simple plot because it's not! It's a very cool story, and I really love it!

the only thing that almost (but didn't) annoy me was the use of the word "bro"... well, I must agree with my friend Ares cos that can be annoying! And it's weird... demons calling themselves "bro" all the time, but hey... it's also kind of cute, two brothers and and friend so close that is always using it

well, so, I must say I LOVE THIS BOOK! And I certainly recommend it!