Pathfinder - J.A. Jaken Warning: noncon and violence... underage main character... and a very good surprise. Free but a superb quality of writing and plot.
It's no long available as a freebie (Review edited, January 2012. Original Review from September 2011)

Yes I think this review must start with a warning, because don't read it if you have problems with kidnapping, rape, and most of all, a 16 young-old main character.

The sci-fi plot is worth the reading?

YES. Certainly I'm VERY satisfied by its originality.
After world war 3, and an atomic cataclysm, the world had been reduced to an inhabitable wasteland (for what the main character know).

Humans are now living inside a wall closed metropolises. The main character was born and raised in Nhil-Rhar, a city full of corruption and violence.
Shai Lunaran is an ex street boy, and young but already very conscious of how humans can treat a weak boy like him... orphan, and from the age to 12 to 14 he live in the streets... so yes, some sad stuff happen to him (just mentioned, not detailed explained).
When the story begin Shai is "happy". He is not the happiest person of Earth, but he is ok, cleaning tables and working for someone that finally is giving him an option... because in those hard times is not easy to find a employer that take someone just to work... boys like him are nothing more than merchandise, in a world where moral rules don't exist he is luck to don't be a prostitute or a slave.

The extrasensory powers of Shai

Very soon the story will be VERY dark, so again, my warning... don't read it if you have problems with noncon.

Shai is not a human like others. In this sci-fi world, right before the cataclysmic facts of the war something changed forever humankind. Using genetic engineering to improve human race the "pioneers" unleash powerful capacities.
Pathfinders:Humans with an uncommon insight, able to feel or see things away from them, enter other humans minds, telepathy etc. There is no limit to this human power. Pathfinders, in theory, can also predict the future, so obviously their are priceless... why? Because it's rare, in the time of the story is told, to find one. Almost all pathfinders are now closed controlled by Endgeress, also called "The Agency".
Guides: the controllers of the pathfinders. The founders knowing very well the risk of powerful humans like pathfinders create another genetic altered human, the guides. They form a bond with the pathfinder, being able to restrain and control the pathfinder skills. It's not only something done to protect humankind, but also to protect pathfinders. Without a Guide the Pathfinder could just leave his body, expanding his conscious and losing themselves. There are not so rare as a Pathfinder, so the number of guides is far above the number of pathfinders.

In a poor comparison, I would say Pathfinder are like ships, able to fly and go everywhere they want. Guides are their anchor, keeping pathfinders pinned on earth.

Shai is a Pathfinder and unfortunately he is also a rare case of one that life so much without knowing his own capacities, so were never spotted before.
Of course now with 16 year-old his time as a free human being will end. The agency want him... a drug lord want him... probably all free guide (one without a pathfinder) want someone as Shai. Force a bound to a pathfinder is not impossible... is just need: a lot of skin to skin contact, and of course, sex is the quickest way to forge a bound.

With a many twists of facts and surprises this story keep me anchored, as a pathfinder is with his guide. I couldn't stop reading... it's cruel, forced sex in a such young men is something that made me want to scream, but I couldn't put it down... because I read, read, and read... suffering with Shai, and hoping with all my heart that he would have his HEA... somewhere, someone would help him, save him... and well, I wasn't disappointed.

I can't and I wont give less than 5 stars, and I must tell you I'm very glad I had the courage to read it. It was not a easy reading, but its quality and originality is impressive.
I certainly recommend it, but saying also that it's cruel... very cruel... and I love it though

Edit (January 2012): "Note: Pathfinder will be published in 2012, so it's no longer free. For further details please visit the author's webpage "

YEY! It will be published! YEY!