Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Volume One (Daron's Guitar Chronicles, #1) - Cecilia Tan How do you decide to read a book? It's just a curiosity, seriously, how do you decide, to read or not something?
I follow friends reviews, listen to friends recommendation and in some rare cases it's by chance.
This book is a example of something I cross by chance. Call it serendipity, fate, destiny anything... sometimes it happens.

So I saw this free kindle book and well, it's for free, so why don't try it?

I'm glad I did... because I start it, and couldn't stop before the end.

Another question: have you ever read a book and felt an immediate connection to the main character (and first person narrator)? Well, again I must admit it's rare. Who read many gay novels probably will say authors like Josh Lanyon, Jordan C Price, Aleksandr Voinov... well, Cecilia Tan is someone I really had never heard before and what a delight discover this writer! It's immediate, after just a few chapters I could heard and feel Daron (the main character) beside me, telling me his story. This book is all in first person narration and that will give you a quite amazing view of Daron.

Daron is young, just 19 and still completely lost. Don't read this book if you want to read about a man going to gay pride kissing his boyfriend/husband/partner on the streets. Daron don't want to be gay, and you will read it. He don't want it, but it's his true self... He can try, and will do his best to don't even tell you he like men, but it's clear. His struggling, his denial, it's part of his turmoil, and what made him unique to me.

I adore Daron, and I just want all the time to hug him and tell him he should not be afraid, he should let it go... live his life and be happy... but I can't. He is the only one talking, and you can't do less than hear it, trying to avoid tears, that is almost impossible to avoid.

It's a sad book?
I don't think so, but it's neither a happy story. Daron don't know what is to be in love, he is just attracted to someone, and stop. He don't love men... he can't love men... or can?

Lovely story, about a lonely young man trying to find his place in this crazy world... his love for the music is his safe boat. What keep him sane, and what he is totally focus on.

Read it, knowing he will never be a whining narrator. He don't complain about his life... but he didn't proclaim happiness neither.

I can't say it's a story about a deep in closet gay man because in my eyes Daron is almost asexual. He will have the physiological need to sex... seems like that, and I'm not kidding. There is no romanticized view about it, so don't read it if you want an erotic story. Daron don't want to talk about it, and it's his world... and with his words you must know him... and you will not. I finish this book needing more, and knowing he can tell me more, and he must tell me more.

5 stars to this new writer to me (first book of Cecilia Tan I read). It's a book I would certainly recommend to all, not just to readers of gay story. Why? Simple, Daron fight to find his place in the world is so damn realistic he could be any of us...
Lovely... just in one word, I would describe this story, and the main character saying... lovely.