Black Gold - Clancy Nacht,  Thursday Euclid I start it, and didn't finish. I hate to give a low rating so I want to tell you, dear reader of this review, why I'm doing it

Grab your coffee, sit down *offering an espresso*

let me tell you my reasons of never finish it.... I forgot the main characters were having sex image

Whooooaaaa hold your horses... don't call me bitch... yet image

So, I must be VERY honest here, saying I was VERY attracted to the plot. Two rock stars, in love, hot bodies, hot sex scenes... and oh YES I must admit it was the reason I try this book.

Yesterday my day started at 5:30am. Got up, defrost my car (what the hell! It was cold yesterday here! Impressive cold!), took my husband to work saying all the time "shit ice, shit ice on the streets", went back home, did gas, went to my work (still saying "shit ice, there is ice on the streets"). Work, from 7:30am to 6pm (10 min lunch). Finish my day at work, drive home (yeah.. again "shit shit shit, ice ice ice"). SO YES after all the usual routine at home, I went to bed, tired as hell, and decide to relax reading a HOT MM book. This one was on my ipad and looking at the cover art I remember it was a book I should read.

I read... up to the first sex scene. And quit after that.

It's funny? yes, I read few pages, but it was funny
It's dramatic? Hummmm maybe... Gold seems a drama queen and cry two times (and yeah, I read just a few pages, maybe he stop it after... one was during sex and well, it's a BIG turn off for me)
The writing is good.
The characters are lovely...

and now... the BIG but.... yes, there is a but...

...BUT holly crap I forgot they were having sex! I mean, first sex scene, of course I was incredible happy I would read it BUT they talked for sooooo long while having it that I completely forgot it was a sex scene! I was tired? YES, but how can I read something and forget it's an erotic scene?

I read a guy having sex with a spider (The Soldier)
I read 4 guys, and two aliens (Acquainted with the Night)
I read a chick having sex with an alien lizard (it was a fanfiction work)
I read a god and a woman having A LOT of sex (GOD don't seems fair to talk about Acheron!!! OMG I LOVE HIM!)
I read demons and angels (both MM and MF, many)

YEAH I read some stuff, and had never, ever forgot that two character were having sex.

I'm not kiding here... I really had the inner dialog: "WTF? Oh YES they are having sex! OH GOD wait! So why they were talking so much? I must be a freak... people can talk so much during intercourse? image Really?"

I think I could just say I didn't finish the book. Or maybe just give one star and STFU, BUT I want to be fair, and explain very well my problem with this book.

BTW I think even the characters forgot about the sex during their talking... Gold used lub, and after spit, so yeah, it took so long while they were talking that the poor guy waste his time using lub the first time... it was necessary do it two times image

Unfortunately this book is not for me... maybe it's just me.. try it, and well, try to don't forget the sex reading their dialogs image