No Rest for the Wicked - A.M. Riley Peter and Adam are back. And God, I love it, again!

After the fun I had reading the first of the Adam&Peter series Immortality is the Suck I couldn't resist, and got also the second.

It's again a funny book, but it's darker than the first. The theme is not a easy one. Humans with uncured diseases, Adam thinking about his mortal lover, nope... it's a fun book, but be prepare to a much more serious Adam, and a incredible stubborn Peter.

What I like most in this story? The men behave. Peter and Adam are both very introvert, and forget about long romantic walk by a river with a full moon above, shining and reflecting the lovers hand by hand happy couple. Absolutely nothing like that will ever happen. Why? Peter is a cop, a very stubborn almost 40 old man. Adam is a mess up vampire, and for almost 10 years treat Peter as his fuck bud. No romanticism, fuck and that's all. BUT at their age, and after so long, can they start to think about how much their really love each other? Can Adam show affection? Can Peter desire a partner, not just the security blanket Adam is for him?
It's not but it's a VERY romantic story, even if you will not read many romantic scenes... let's say, the last scene made me weep. I wasn't expecting, not after something Adam did... I was certain it was the end... but well... I can't tell, you must read to see.

Last comment about this story. I love the secondary characters. There will be many now, more than the first book. They will have much more space and I like it. Adam and Peter story is VERY interesting, but I must admit sometimes the break from their dilemma (be or not be a couple) was needed.

I'm looking forward to read more because I know the story is not close to the end. Much more can and hopefully will be said about Peter and Adam. 5 stars