Trompe L'oeil - K.C. Burn I hate to give up a book.. But I can't go on, and so yes... Didn't finish it. 70% read

trompe l'oeil  (trômp loi)
n. pl. trompe l'oeils (loi)
1. A style of painting that gives an illusion of photographic reality.
2. A painting or effect created in this style.
[French trompe l'il : trompe, third person sing. present tense of tromper, to deceive + le, the + il, eye.]

Yes, it's a great premise. Max, a painter cursed to be alive in a painting... Always seeing the word, never getting out to be alive again. Tyler a recent out-of-closet gay, falling in love with his painting.

I like the mystery (how can the curse be broken) but it wasn't enough to catch my attention.
My biggest problems with this book are two:

1) Flashbacks. Too many, bored me. I like some but it was ALWAYS not a smooth change, from present to the flashbacks. I felt the narration being broken, more than one time, and it annoyed me, Maybe it's just me... It just annoy the hell of me...
2) Change of POV not always clear... And I had to read something like 4 or more lines before I could understand the character was another. Both Max and Tyler POV are In this story... And ok, maybe I'm a bitch saying it, but Max POV was also kind of boring. It's understandable... He is in a paint, can't interact with anyone... And he is horny as hell. The guy horniness also annoy me... Everything must make him think about this D@ and erection? All his "mental" erections were weird... Example: Tomato fall in Tyner chest--->painting guy instant turn on... Ok, he is in celibacy for so long it could happen, but sooooooo many times it was weird.

So yes, unfortunately it's not for me. But I want to give 2 stars to Tyler. I like him, and some parts even pity his miserable life.