Rusty's Surprise (Kiss Me Quick) - Zach Sweets WAIT A SECOND! Why read a valentine's short story if it's not valentine's day anymore?

I will give you two reasons. The first reason is obvious... it's a very sweet romantic story

to readers that want also charming love story with also a touch of kinky scenes. Rusty want to please his lover, and a fancy dinner with a nice sexy surprise is his way to show his love. Hal and Rusty are wonderful... it's all in Rusty point of view, so yes, it's a very sweet point of view... because Rusty don't just love his man... he adore him. So well... read it to see how much in love their are.
So yes, it's not just a valentine's story... it's a love story, a timeless love story.

The second reason is... it can be considered a prequel, to a sci-fi book!
This--->Zombie Rain

So... It's not just a love story... there is also an unexpected twist ending!YES!!!!! Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi!


5 stars are not enough... and now... ZOMBIES!!! YAY Zombie Rain