The Elegant Corpse - A.M. Riley I wish there were more MM BDSM books like this one!!!

I loved it.. everything is perfect. The original plot, the mystery, the romance, the... BDSM scenes.

Just a comment. There is not abuse in this book. At all. So if you are searching a BDSM with a strong, but lovely Dom and a younger partner (10 years less than the Dom) learning about love, about what he need, and that his needs are not wrong, this book is for you.

I most of the times connect immediately with the Dom (Detective Roger Corso)... but must be sincere saying Sean, the Sub was who struck me most. He don't know why he need to feel pain, he don't know if it's ok to have this needs... I just love him. He was a remarkable Sub.

I recommend it to readers of BDSM, and to all readers that never read a BDSM, but want to know more about it. Try this book, and I know you will want more.