Everything That You Are - Nikki McCoy "I think I've discovered the secret of life - you just hang around until you get used to it.
~Charles Schulz.


The plot
Michael in a gay bar see his mate, the fragile and small (underage!?!?) dancer, Kaden.
The alpha werewolf is not gay. Scared about that discover he run from his destiny, to after discover his mistake. But it's too late. Life is not easy, and both Michael and Kaden will pay a high price for that single moment of doubt... a very high price.

I know it's in my noncon shelf but don't be scared. There is no description, but I must left this book there. Near the end, read the scene of Kaden thinking about Gregory raping him can disturb who don't like noncon. SO AGAIN, there is no description, but it's a strong theme, rape, and it's there in this book.

This story deserve my 5 stars because of...
The romance... it's CUTE!
The fact I was addicted to it. I got this ebook in a sale. When I do it I like to read the first paragraph. It's a insane thing, I know, but I always do it, just to check the files I get. Well, I never stop, or think in put this book down. It's a true page turner, so it's certainly deserve my 5 stars.
And most of all, the fact I love the secondary characters. Do you want a gay book with a very supportive family? This book is for you. Michael is denying himself, saying he is not gay... well, his parents are not, AT ALL, influencing him to be straight. Read it to see, how supportive is his mother, loving Kaden as his own son, and how strong is his father, wanting to see Michael happy, with another man or not, the only thing Michael's father want is the happiness of his family.
All the erotic scenes were perfect. Love them all!

But, I can't give more than 3 stars
I want too say it's perfect, but the writing didn't help me. English is not my language, and so when I read a book with long sentences and wrong punctuation I start to fell frustrated.
The plot is full of odd moments.
I really never got how can Michael be worried in convince his mate to stay with him while there was a huge problem. Someone was killed, it was his duty as alpha to investigate it. How can it be left out, as something to be deal with after 3 weeks?
Another oddness is how close Kaden was, and Michael even searching for 3 years didn't find anything about him. VERY odd, and we are talking about werewolves no? NO one ever cross Gregory and felt Kaden odor in him? And again, Gregory is doing a lot of illegal stuff and no other alpha were was worried enough to investigate it? And Michael, at the end, thinking about the "stupidity" of Gregory pack (to justify the fact no one told about his illegal acts) was certainly sooooo not right. It wasn't his pack fault, no? But other werewolves too damn self-absorbed to look around... because damn, if all alpha behave like Michael, trying to conquer their mates forgetting more important stuff going on I think Gregory could rape Kaden for much more than just 3 years.
I love Kaden, because I LOOOOVE tormented heroes, and I despised Michael. For the fact he prefer to ignore a murder (yeah, I insist about it) for a while, and most of all, for what happened to Kaden. The fragile and sweet Kaden was raped and abused for 3 years! People, can you read about it, and love Michael knowing it's his fault? I try... very hard to forgive him, but it didn't work... I finish this book, because I love Kaden and want to read a HEA (Kaden deserve a HEA!!!), so it was him, JUST HIM that catch my attention... not his asshole unpleasant mate, that more than one time keep repeating "I'm not gay" even after he admit he was Kaden's mate.

Last remark it's a pity at the end the werewolves fight weren't described! Oh come on... it was a great part of the book, and I really think it could be better described. Maybe it's just me, but when there are werewolves fighting, or as in this case Kaden FINALLY getting his vendetta, WHY SKIP IT???? Can me bloody :D but I really want to read Gregory in pain and being killed :D and it frustrate me that scene was skipped completely by a inappropriate (and I dare to say not well done) change of narrator... from Kaden to Michael in the precise moment Gregory was killed.

3 stars