Without Fear (With or Without, #5) - J.L. Langley
*********IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*************
The next With or Without will feature Bambi. My apologies to those of you expecting Sterling’s story to be the next. I had planned on Sterling next, but due to a timeline issue I ran into while writing With Abandon, Sterling must wait one more story.

It's a little footnote in her webpage. Little and insignificant note... exactly like us, the readers, to her. Insignificant to her, because how can you up to yesterday post the update of the Sterling book in a blog, and then, change (oh, by coincidence) it because everyone was SO DAMN EXCITED to read it?
I hate writers that give more attention to money than the readers.
It's a disrespectful commercial maneuver. Nothing will change in her world, obviously, but I'll not buy more of her books.
Not after this absurd "timeline" issue excuse.

So... in my view
It's a commercial maneuver, and I think it's disrespectful to us, the readers.
I'm not starting a boycotts or anything. It's my personal opinion about this fact, and it's also the way I'm reacting to it. I'll not buy any of her books, because I don't trust a writer that act like her.
Personal opinion, and really don't want to say I'm the owner of the truth. It's just my thoughts, that I share here in this review.

That's her web page

What? Where is the announcement? Let's take a close look

What? You can't read it very well?
Ok, a closer look then

There you are... finally...

so well, just the last comment.
Little footnote, little character, to something a lot of fans was excite to read.
Sorry, I think it's disrespectful, and it's not the way I, someone waiting for Sterling story, should be treated.
Like a little footnote.

That's Rhys, Sterling's mate.... Waiting for his book....

Sad... Very lonely and sad :-{