Shadows of the Mind - Mark Alders I'll not put a summary of the story but just tell my personal impression.

Have you ever went out with a friend and spent all night talking and having so much fun with him that you lost concept of time?
That's exactly what I felt reading this book.

Mark Alders captivate me after few lines... i love the main character, and his young discover of what he want (in this case, men when he discover his homosexuality). It's so sweet hear Jacob voice telling how now, at the age of 18, he is so certain about himself and don't give a damn about what his small town folks think.
I was also mesmerized by the non stop action. I love sci-fi and catastrophic films/books, so an alien invasion really keep my attention.

But even if you hate sci-fi you should read it, just to give a look on how Jacob tell his lovely story (only him will narrate the story).

There are love scenes, but I read a lot of erotic books and don't think it's erotic, being more a urban-fantasy in my view... but I hate give tags to books, so please don't take this as the absolute truth. Certainly it's not a YA, but maybe to you it's erotic the love scenes description.

This book is perfect? Honestly... no... there are some punctuations wrong placed, but I really like this book, so it will get my maximum vote.

Last remark (long and boring review, I know image) it's my first Alder's book, but not my last... I'll certainly read more of this writer image

PDF file: 246 pages