A Vampire's Kiss (The Manigault Vampires, #1) - Laura Stamps A erotic book with vampires!

no wait... no vampire kitty... nope... It's the story of a witch and her HOT VAMPIRE LOVER!!!!!



The blurb
Sara, 35 years old, at a Samhain party meet the fucking hot a very polite guy, Drayton, maybe 30 years old (reading you will not known for sure). She is a Wicca green witch (work at a flower shop and bookstore, and live in Charleston), he own a computer company (in Columbia). The story start in Columbia, where Sara is taking a vacation. She claim to be a expert in vampires, all the time, and well, you must read to know if she can be fooled or not.

The story is part of a serie (First to the Manigaut Vampires), and there is some characters of previous book by Laura Stamps, but you can read it without problems. It's a standalone, with a true end.

What I like most?
Ok, it's maybe repetitive but I must said I ADORE the vampires from Laura Stamps. She is a kick ass erotic writer and when she write a novel with vampires you must
A) Get a cold drink, you will need it
B) Be in a close room, or be able to disguise very well how much her book arouse you
C) Call me, because I want to read it again with you.

So in my view
I appreciated the book and all the characters (they are exciting, full or life and humor!) . Sara with her dirt talk and nympho behave, Dray and his huge cock stamina... they are perfect to each other!

IMO it's a WONDERFUL start of a new serie I’ll keep reading it!
I'm waiting for more... image

Edit: my the previous review was from chapter 1 to 11 as the book was originally released (now, May 2011, the book is completed, chapter 1 to 36)