The Katzman's Mate - Stormy Glenn
Please look this picture

They are so cute, no? And now, tell me:

They are two male cats, a male and a female, or two females?

What made a woman, a woman, and a man a man? It's a trick question, I know, but all this philosophy is to say one simple thing:

Demyar, one of the main characters, is a woman.

ohhhh I know I'm getting a lot of evil-eyes now image, but It's the brutal truth about this character... he is not a he, but a she.

What the hell I'm talking about?

Simple, every single thing about him scream WOMAN image in my head, not man. I read about male slaves (a lot), male pregnancy, and this book is the first that give me this impression... and I must say it... this book has a M/M tag, but readers used to M/M like me could have the impression it's a M/F novel.

It's my personal opinion, and I certainly respect who doesn't agree and think it's a perfect M/M novel.

Me? Nope... I loved Chellak (the male character and mate of Demyar), liked the sci-fi, adore the secondary characters (Ciprian and Yerik, BTW THAT a M/M couple!), appreciated the plot...
BUT in my head there was that annoying scream "WOMAN" image not "MAN" image when Demyar talked, walked and thought.

So 2 stars, and I'll read more of this serie. I can't give up just for this personal opinion about one character. I want to see if it's only Demyar, or the writing stile.