Notturno (The Hours Trilogy #1) - Z.A. Maxfield I want to say fews words. It's my first Z.A. Maxfield book, and certainly will not be the last one! She is a marvelous writer!

If you are searching an erotic M/M books this book will disappoint you. It's sexy, but tamed to be classified as erotic. On the contrary, if you are searching for a first approach on M/M world this books is perfect!

The paranormal romance is interesting, and the writer sytile will keep your attention. I enjoy the writing as I appreciated the humor.... In my view it's a terrific book and I can't give less than 4 stars.

Urfortunately maybe this book could be shorter... It's a little boring the few 30 final pages, and maybe the drama of the fight for the love was exaggerated... That's why I'm giving 4 not 5 stars.

Enjoy the reading, and thank you for reading my review image