Vassalord, Volume 2 - Nanae Chrono
Why the writer (illustrator too, in this case) got lost?

Ok great disappointment!

After the 5 stars to the first volume of this Shone-ai serie
Vassalord, Volume 1 I was so excited to read more!!! Poor me, expending money to such lame manga.

First if this is a shonen-ai why Johnny get in bed with a woman? image and kiss her???? image WTF was that scene?image

Second maybe the illustrator should go to the doctor treat the tendinitis. I hope that's the problem here... a sickness that would explain me why there is such abyss of quality in the art work between the #1 and the #2. I found a lot of flaws on the draw, and it's not acceptable to a manga. How can a graphic novel had it? Maybe I'm a little exaggerated, but I really hate this kind of problem... in a manga the draw is it's essence... if I find a lame job I get angry... very ANGRY!. It's such a normal market problem! When the manga start the first volume is perfect and after, the serie can went down... well this one is so down it's in an endless abyss...

Third the public that read a shonen-ai want that... some male/male interaction. There isn't. So or the writer decide his/her's line of work, or there will be no one reading it.

Fourth WTF was that in the end? That's was THE END? Really? Seriously, I must read the last page and like it? WTF was that?

Fifth if the "jokes" in this story should made me laugh something was wrong... terrible jokes, and neither with the terrific good mood I was today, I smile.

I do not recommend this volume and I certainly hope it will get better... unfortunately I already bought the next volume image