Looks Over (Gives Light, #2) - Rose Christo So, this second book (of the Gives Light trilogy) is better of worst than the first? It's worth your time reading it?

My simple and direct answers are: much better, and definitively YES!

After I end Gives Light I decide to go on, reading the second immediately, afraid I would forget some character
The first books present us a lot of secondary characters, and I was really afraid I would confuses them if I wait to long.
How silly I was... how could someone confuses such unique characters?

The story will keep from the exact point the last book leave us
Now Sky is certain he is really in love, but he is also deep afraid his happiness can be in danger... from social services.

If the first book was a complete and amazing introduction to the Native Americans, the second is a deep and profound activism story
This story is 100% about Native American children, and their precarious balance between their families and social service reallocation is non native families.
Sky is still considered a non desired minor, even if he is now in a society that accept him, living happily with his grandmother, and perfect adapt with many friends... Sky want his live, and is for the first time of his life happy and protect by not just his close friends, but by a community.
Every single member of the reservation is important to the community, and everyone is considered as equal... even a gay voiceless boy as Sky.

This books is my favorite story of this trilogy (I already read all 3)
There is romance, and a lot of drama now. Sky will have to fight to have his happiness, and keep fighting even when the situation seems hopeless.
I loved him, in his transition from a teen to a adult. It's not easy to anyone, but for him it's almost tragic. I will not spoil saying more... read to know it!

What make me decide it's my favorite book?
One scene
Yes, all the book is perfect and remarkable, but it was just one scene.
A scream.. a voiceless scream full of so much angst, rage and despair that make me feel it... all his feelings were mine feeling in that precise moment. His scream was mine scream too.
My applause to the writer, that moment as the most beautiful scene I read in a young-adult book. A voiceless scream, so loud that broke the barrier of a book page and reach my heart.
Do you want a visual example, this picture is exactly like that scene
it's just an image, or can you heard it too? That voiceless scream?

I finish this book with a bitter taste in my mouth?
Yes and no. It's always a very deep story, but I believe Sky voice is also very ironic and full of irony, so it's a hard book to read, but also incredible funny.

I can't give less than 5 stars and I wish I could find more books as this one.