The Coil - L.A. Gilbert
"No less, just different"

The plot
Mattie and Simon will be the narrators of this lovely story.
Mattie struggle to live with a minimum payment. Of course it's not enough to pay his rent, live... And get his GED. He want to learn to read and, to apply to an art school and move to NY.  Desperate to be someone, be more than he is, be an artist, Mattie will have to gain extra cash... Being a male prostitute.
Simon is a successful writer, but also very unhappy. No, not about his son (his nephew, he adopt the boy after his sister's death)... Neither his son's special needs are the source of his unhappiness... His son is autistic, but Simon love the boy with al, his heart and his live is his son and their routine. He is unhappy because he know he is faded to be alone, forever, struggling to protect his son from the world that don't accept well someone with special needs. 
Destiny will allow both men to know each other, strong will will be needed by both parts to make a simple attraction be more than just shy smiles and polite waves.

I don't consider, at all, an erotic story
Don't read if you want long and many sex scenes. It's a very long story, and very romantic, but not erotic at all. 
There is a lot of fatherhood dealing with the frustrations and joys of a special kid. The 3 old boy will break your heart, and make you want to be there, help doing something... Anything. 
I see this story divided in two parts. The begin is much more about Simon's problems, pain and joys with his son, while Mattie is just in the background. But then, when I wasn't expecting it was all upside down! Mattie was in the spotlight and Simon problems in be show as it's real is... Hard to deal if, but HE, meaning Simon, is the real person with problems... Not his son. His son is special, true, but he is... Special, not a tool to be used as a shield to keep everyone away from their lives.
Yes, it's a very complicate story, romantic but also with a touch of sadness and not at all erotic in my view. 
One thing I think you should also know is how much this is an unconventional romance. Don't read it searching for cliches of gay men, or harlequin romance where people sing in the streets while the main characters kiss each other. There is inner fights, personal walls that just be destroyed in both men hearts... It's an unconventional BUT amazing love story. 

I want to just tell you to be prepared...
This book is a trip... To sadness, happiness,  angriness. You WILL hate Simon, pity Mattie, be in love with both... Be sad for their struggles. 
You must read to know if they will find their peace, their happiness, their personal heaven.

When I start this story I was certain Simon was my favorite character because usually I sympathize more with the single parent raising a kid but... Everything changed... After one line, one single line.. Something Mattie said... About Simon's son:
"No less, just different"

In an imperfect but realistic world, where a child with special needs will became an adult with the same special needs, that's perfect In its simplicity. His is autistic... So... He is no less than anyone... Just different.

"No less, just different"


5 stars