Fires Of Ballian - M.L. Rhodes
Such ssssssaaaaaaaaaddddd start...
to a magnificent book!

Ok, now it the time to see more of Gaige
So, in this third statement the spotlight will be on Gaige. Without spoiling the previous books I can tell only that I loved all the hard and terrible path Gaige start to follow, to discover himself, and to get the power to find his beloved.

I loved also all the secondary characters much more active, helping Gaige. I learn more from the shifter, and unfortunately also more about the great evil, the Moh'dredion.

Humans, Draegans, all creatures in a world where a terrible son of a bitch evil sorcerer (Bryam) and a loathsome entity (the Moh'dredion) are fighting yo have more power.

In my twisted fertil imagination Moh'dredion was something like the terrible Balrog from the Lord of the Rings

But it's a very personal interpretation of the descriptions, and the fear he can evoke, only by being nominated.

and hummmmmmm... embarrassing but honest moment... I would certainly pee myself seeing something like him too... so well, everyone is right... that guy is scary

Amazing serie up tp now! All 3 books got my 5 stars and I can't wait to the next book!!! The end finally made me smile again!