Drink, Slay, Love - Sarah Beth Durst DON'T READ IT IF YOU WANT:
- sparkling vampires
-sappy romance
-brainless protagonist
-poor secondary characters

-an awsome young-adult dark story with vampires
-a kick ass main character. Pearl is not good. At all, she will even kill. If you have problem about it, stay away from this book
-a urban-fantasy with as a SUBPLOT romance. This book IS NOT a romance so don't think it's a sappy love story with sparkling vampires. It's dark, it's gross, it's violent, it's so freaking cool!.
-perfect secondary characters,
-in a dark twist way, humor. It's a funny story, but not a HAHAHA funny, it's full of sarcasm and intelligent jokes. So yes, I loved it because I LOVE books that make me also laugh, but without the usual cliché old jokes. Nothing in this story is cliché... It's original and... Perfect.

Love it, and can't give less than 5 stars :-)