A Companion to Wolves  - Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear "Njall looked at Hrolleif, and then at Vigdis and Skald, and knew that Brandr was right."

I read 30% of this story. And give up.
That phrase? It's NOTHING. Imagine read 30% of a book with phrases like or WORST than that I used as example. Why worst? Simple, I lost count of how many characters are in this book. So yeah, many, too much IMO. And ALL with unpronounceable names.
It's a fantasy? yes
It's a interesting plot? yes
It's full of action? yes
It's a hell go know who is who because the names are so fucking weird I cound't memorize neither ONE of them? YES

Can't give a rating to this story. I was enjoying it so much but HAD TO give up or my brain would melt trying to understand the names and remember all
Someday I will try it again. Have no idea when... Or even IF I will really try it again.