Aquamarine - Mel Keegan I'm fucking angry right now
Very fucking angry

Evidence ONE
"Nope. My busy schedule isn't want it used to be"

Evidence TWO
"Times were, Russell had read, when the hardest task facing people was the disposal of the dead"
THAT'S why I'm fucking angry??
NO, not all nonsense that EDITING would solve. I read worst. It's the fact this fucking book has to editing at all and it COST ME 10 dollars! YEAH! FUCK!!!!

10$ dollars!!!! For a crap full of errors, errors that can even be a problem if you want to understand the story!
I want to know about the Aquamarine and the Human... I really want to know. But I'm fucking angry for the waste of money, so giving up.

Sorry for all the "fucks" but it really angry me a lot... I got MANY smashwords books, and I LOVE to discover books from indie writers. Like Ann Somerville, Rose Christo (and the amazing Gives Light series!) etc. I get many from smashwords and NEVER got a crap like this book paying 10$!!!!!!

So, learn from my mistake, dear reader of this review. Don't spend 10$ for this book... Or do it, knowing the story is good, but the writing atrocious!

Giving up... 40% read (who knows how many more typos and lack of editing I missed! But yeah.. Just give up... And said FUCK looking by credit card invoice for this fuck waste of money!)