Dance with the Devil - Megan Derr Not just a detective story...
but a supernatural detective story! Yes, you WILL love it if you want a book with suspense and cases to be solved, and also adore supernatural creatures, such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, imps, goblins, demons etc!

The cases
First I WILL not spoil ANYTHING. You must read, and slowing (as a detective) get the clues and know more about the narrators. The book will start and end with Chris as narrator, but it will have also Doug and Phil's POVs. Who are they? CAN'T tell you! Seriously, you must read to know! If I even say WHAT is Chris (it will be obvious he is not human) I can ruin your fun! So NO! Will not tell it...
What I have to say is keep an eye on the case number. Chapter are named as cases numbers (how cool is that? YEAH I know!) and of course each is one story, and... IF THE NUMBER IS bellow 503 it's a flashback! So while reading check careful the case number.
I love ALL cases, and narrators, but if I have to named one I must say Case # 76. It's romantic, but I was SOOOOO curious about the romance between Chris and a Demon (can't named him, you must finish the first chapter to know who is he)! That chapter told me how things get how it was in the present time of the story.
While, as a suspense, I must say Case #532 and #709 (Bad blood, part one and two). It's a GREAT story, and I really was catch by surprise! LOVE IT!

The narrators
Of course, all are detectives, PI, trying to solve mysteries. Clients will arrive and Chris, Doug or Phil will be your eyes and mind.
It's mesmerizing... From a total of 10 cases (chapters) Chris was the narrator of 7, Phil just one, and Doug's point of view were 2 cases. I can't pick the best narrator! Of course Chris is the owner of the PI agency, and will be the most interesting narrator, but you can't decide if he is the best narrator... I loved Phil's humor and Doug's sadness and sense of honor. How can I pick one, just ONE as the best narrator of the book? SO yeah, NO, I can't do it.. I must say ALL were perfect to show me the paranormal world, and make me bite my nails to discover the mystery of the cases.

My final comment?

I loved it! All cases, all narrators, all magic creatures!
I MUST read more and I WILL read all books of this series! How can I stop now? So many cases to be solved... and I NEED to read more about that fantastic world, with so many amazing supernatural creatures.

5 stars