Night Shift - Kim Fielding I preorder this book and of course read it immediately when it was available.
Probably my 2 stars is the result of so much expectation... Aiden, ex convicted trying very hard to don't fuck up and go to jail again. He want, badly, to have a job, resist his alcohol dependence and finally start his live. In his job he will know the irrestible security guy, Luka... And things will (almost boring) go on in a predicted way.

It's not my first book from this writer. I read and liked (a lot):
[b:Stasis|8534064|Stasis|Kim Fielding||13401343], [b:Flux|11279771|Flux|Kim Fielding||16206936], [b:Equipoise|13432729|Equipoise|Kim Fielding||18933646] (books of the same series)
and the standalone [b:Brute|16153646|Brute|Kim Fielding||21991685], [b:Speechless|15733541|Speechless|Kim Fielding||21415041] and [b:Good Bones|13576676|Good Bones|Kim Fielding||19159420].
Why I'm adding a list of other books? To tell you all of those were 5 stars in my modest opinion. I loved all, the characters and plot. Even if In Night Shift I must admit there is something new (first time I read a vampire story with someone like Luka, so uncertain, not insanely rich, and other aspects far from the usual stereotype vampire you may think), I was not enthusiast reading it.
Maybe because I wish less sex scenes and more plot?
Maybe I had too high expectations?
Maybe I didn't laugh with the attempts of humor?
Maybe I was angry with the inconclusive end, hoping a prologue to say something when FINALLY there was story?
Maybe, it's just me, and you may have a great time reading it.

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it, and can't give more than 2 stars. And also tell you maybe this is not a book from this writer I would recommend as your first reading.