Camwolf - J.L. Merrow 2,5 stars

What I liked in this book
* It's a long complex story, full of charming secondary characters
* Nick is a GREAT character, but it worries me A LOT about this tendency to be an abuser (what happened to his ex... it worried me a lot)
* I LOOOOOOOOOVE J.L. Merrow's writing and humor.

I struggle to end it, and decided it's a 2.5 stars because:
* It's too long. No, I never had problems reading long book... a book can be long, or it can look like the end should happen sooner. The second is the case of this book. More than one time I wished the book would end. There is almost none romance, just after 80% you will see it. It was a big problem, to a paranormal-romance. Too much college description, too much inner dialogs, with Nick thinking and thinking and no action.
* Why the hell there is so little about werewolves? It's a werewolf book, with almost nothing about it. It could be a contemporary romance IMO, and I would not miss the little of the paranormal aspect of the story. BTW, from this same writer there is a book (contemporary romance) called [b:Muscling Through|11045338|Muscling Through|J.L. Merrow||15966033]. It's not a book I loved, it's one of my favorite book of all times! So yes, I can say I think the paranormal aspect of Camwolf seems almost "forced" in the plot.
* I love this writer humor, but I HATED the trans* joke in this book. It's such a delicate argument, like September 11. Would you make a joke about it? It bring pain to a lot of people no? Maybe the analogy is wrong but a trans* surgery is a matter that could bring pain to a lot people that did the surgery/ think in do it. I get it was an innocent joke, from Tiffany thinking about Julian having to show her something (and getting naked in front of her)... but it was not something I approve. Even if he was trans*, and his sexual organ was the result of a surgery, what the hell this should be the reason to her "freak out" and be "relieved" it wasn't what he had to show her?
* I'm not a violent person (lol, true, even if when I'm angry my reviews can be "violent") but dammit... the result of the big question, if Julian would have to go back to his pack in Germany or stay with Nick was... anticlimactic and boring. I must admit it disappointed me a lot... I don't want to read Nick saying "mine" or stuff like that, but actions, werewolf actions! Any character can say "mine" in a romantic story, that's why I wanted more than it from Nick. And I'm not saying Boris be killed by Nick wasn't enough. I'm saying I wish he would do an behave more like a wolf, even if he was strongly against the wolf violent behave. It could be a wolf against wolf fight, Nick against Julian's father, that was what I was hoping for!

As you may notice, there is more negative than positive observations about this story, so this is why, I decided go give 2,5 stars. I like it, but didn't love it... or maybe I loved TOO MUCH [b:Muscling Through|11045338|Muscling Through|J.L. Merrow||15966033] [bc:Muscling Through|11045338|Muscling Through|J.L. Merrow||15966033]and hope all books would be as good as that one...

2,5 stars