Love Means... Courage - Andrew  Grey My thoughts about this book are:

*Love the easiness of this romance. There are few difficulties to the main characters, none are hard to them or will be long. Everything that happened was perfect to someone searching for a romance, with 100% of love story and 0% of angst

*I wish more would be said about Geoff's mother. First of all THIS IS NOT a book that picturect women as biches or any negativeness about women in general. On the contrary, all feminine characters in this book are strong and I like them... BUT I wish more sadness and/or sorrow would be present. The 5 years boy lost his mother... Cliff lost his wife. It's part of the plot, a widower, you will know it reading the book plot. I knew it would happen... And it was so anticlimactic and almost disrespectful to this female character that I decide to take out 2 stars from my judgment. I know... It's a romance without angst.. I understand it, but THAT DEATH (in my opinion) deserve to be treated in a more respectful way.
What I'm saying is: a character can tell me he is sad and miss his best friend. Tell me he is sad is not equal show me it!!! I don't want endless crying scenes, or any unrealistic mourning behave... I want, to read about people missing her, looking at her picture, talking about her as a mother, anything... Showing me SHE WAS important too, not just a womb that gave birth to a kid, conveniently die, leaving Cliff alone and ready to fall in love with Len.

*Cliff and Len are an adorable couple. Their love story was perfect! There is perfect placed love scenes, and also just hug and cuddling when it was necessary support. They love each other, but couldn't be togueter while Cliff was denying his sexuality. BUT believe me, it can sound hard or sad, but it's not. It's a happy story... No sadness, no angst, no drama. Ever... As I said, neither when IMO it was necessary (meaning, Cliff's wife death)

I would certainly recommend it! And... I WANT TO READ MORE!
This is the prequel of the series, and now... Want to go on reading [b:Love Means... No Shame|6909649|Love Means... No Shame (Farm, #1)|Andrew Grey||7134945] (Book 1, about Geoff, the kid, Cliff's son)