The Student Prince - FayJay Freebie, click here to get it too

I'm giving 5 stars because of:
1) the humor. I laugh a LOT read it, and it's now easy write a protagonist so funny as Merlin is
2) the protagonist, Merlin, is one of the best main character I ever read. He is clumsy, extremely powerful and clueless about it, and of course funny, as I said before.
3) all secondary characters are perfect to the story
4) all magic and magic creatures are perfect too... The best was the dragon. Twitter account? IPod? Hilarious!
5) it's a LOOOOOONG freebie, and I devoure it. Couldn't stop reading. All the time asking myself if the prince of England would or not correspond Merlin love. Can a future king be gay? Can Merlin have a break, from all his mad magic world, and have finally a boyfriend?

Amazing freebie... Can't give less than 5 stars, and it's a pity I can't give more.

So yes, 5 stars