Cherish - Tere Michaels Short (and overpriced, IMO) story that made me smile
All the craziness that could happen in a thanksgiving happened in that house... and I love it all!

It's a great series, I enjoy ALL books, and must admit the third book, [b:Duty & Devotion|7889078|Duty & Devotion (Faith, Love, & Devotion, #3)|Tere Michaels||11110646], is my favorite.

It all start with a bitter and sad lonely man raising 4 kids... and ended... no, wait, can't said it. You must read all to know!

5 stars (TO ALL BOOKS OF THE SERIES! I think it's the first time ALL books in a series got my 5 stars! Yeah, I'm sort of a bitch, so believe me, I'm always bitching, rarely giving 5 stars to 4 books from the same series)