Amaranth & Ash - Jessica Freely
This book gave me a wonderful new concept of Soul Mates
New and MARVELOUS, new concept...

In a fictional time and place society is divided in casts. From the higher, the Elai to the lower, the Chel every single individual know their rules, and no questioning is allowed. Between this two great different classes there are the Pel and Vasai.
How this division is explained? By the souls... higher you are in the class, more souls you could have. From Elai, with many "rooms" to Chel, without soul. That's how things must be... and obviously that the main problem of our main characters.

Ash is a short and thin head haired chel and being such low class human being his days are search for food, and be out of anyone way. In a hungry impulse he will try to still food from a Pel... and will be brutally attacked.

Amaranth, a tall, slender with golden hair is a Vasai. He is something between a woman and a man, being an androgynous human, like all Vasai. Their unique healer gift is used ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY by Elai. But Amaranth is not happy or neither satisfied with his life. He is tired of use his soul healing power in spoil persons, in Elai that really don't need it... and he is starting to question his real life... he is a healer or nothing more than a well payed whore?

Ash mortal injured will be found by Amaranth and nothing, in the world will be the same... yes, not only their, but maybe it's time to a change in all the world.

Is impossible love strong enough to triumph?

Read to know...

5 stars... heartbreaking story