Forever: Spy vs. Spook Series, Book 3 - Tinnean Oh...
Ok I rarely do this, but this I must do it. I will not write a review. Read this one, Trisha said EXACTLY what I think.

Yeah I can't add a review.. This book is too amazing, too good, too funny too... Remarkable.
I had serious troubles with all the repeated scenes on book one and two (two point of views, Mark and Quinn's, same scene you read from BOTH men). This book didn't had it.
It's perfection.
It's sad, it's full of suspense, full of action, full of jokes (that crack me up!!!!) and most of all, full of love!.
That's why I can't add a review... I loved it so much, I'm specheless.

I wish I could give 5 thousand stars... Gr don't allow it... So I'm giving 5 stars.

Yeah 5 (thousand) stars

And looking forward for more... I need more!