The Trust - Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes Nothing is what seems... absolutely nothing...

Jake Anders
The top agent from The Trust. Born as a backup agency to the CIA, the trust is much more... it's the ultimate spy agency.
Jake Anders is the top agent of The Trust. He hate it, he never want to be the best, not because he is not competitive, but because the best, his mentor's dead, is the reason he is now the best agent.

Trace Michelson's death change everything in the agency, and to Jake Anders's life. Before his death, the brilliant scientist and agent Trace lost his life leaving Jake with the biggest mystery of all... what is the Resurrection project.
No one know it, and Jake is the key to solve this mystery.

No one can the trust... neither inside The Trust
It's a spy story. Keep it in mind. This is not an erotic book, and neither a romance. Don't read it because you want to read a love story. YES, Jake will not hide how in love he was. He will still be in love.
It's a high-tech story. Chips inside men heads, talking to them and helping the agents. Forget agents doing long surveillance to learn about their target... they just have to think, and ask to their chip. That's how Jake works now, after his chip implant... and he use it to just one aim... find Trace. Yes, Trace is dead, but Jake don't believe it, and most of all, don't accept it.
It's also a story full of twists and surprises.
But not always action and more action... from USA to Nepal, from present to past, from reality to computer simulations... it's a VERY complex plot, and I LOVED IT

I like when a book seems to scream I DARE YOU TO READ ME AND FIND OUT THE TRUTH
This book was addicting and IMPOSSIBLE to understand! AND I LOVED IT because up to the last page, the last mission, the last word, it's a SPY story!

I can't give less than 5 stars and NOW finally, after finishing it, I can breathe normally again.