Soldier Mine - Amber Kell hey, it's a real thing or a joke?
This title is an expanded, re-edited release
what? This is the "better" version of the book.. good Lord!

I hate to be a bitch, but I think this book deserve a bitchy review... like all women in the book. All bitches and lunatics and so,I'm authorized to be a bitch too (Yeah, it INFURIATES me a book with ALL bitches, neither one female character pleasant. Nope... all, bitches).

I didn't like:
*the world building (There is none. Facts just happened, rushed, not enough time to explain the world of the characters)
*all women were bitches... yeah I kow I already said it, but must said it again. It really bothers me.
*the Mcs are annoying
*the Mcs should be funny? I didn't laugh... no wait, not true. I laugh reading "This title is an expanded, re-edited release"
*the writing... it didn't work for me
*the "you are mine" stuff of the mating rarely annoys me... in this book it annoyed me a lot.
*all the women were bitches.... yeah again talking about it.

I like
thinking... trying t find something I like.... nope... nothing.

I didn't like it
I don't think it was a pleasant reading, because of the writing and the lack of explanations.
I hate the Mcs and their talks.
Sex scenes were boring.
And of course, let's not forget... all women are bitches. Yeah... it REALLY infuriates me.

So, it's my bitchy review... 1 star