18% Gray  - Anne Tenino Th'fuck
No. I can't finish it.
I tried... Twice. I HATE to give up a book. First time I read 15%. Now I reach the (amazing) mark of 50%. And now giving up for real. Definitive.

The reasons I didn't enjoy it, and will now try again:
*Th'fuck. 28 times. 28 excruciating times this expression is repeated in the book (even if I read just 50% I did a search in all file). And it annoyed me. I can understand mannerism, but I can't understand why different characters would use the same Th'fuck thing.
Btw, that also a reason...
*I give up trying to get who was saying what. James and Matt talk, behave, ARE the same person in my (mess up) head. I didn't saw ANY difference between them! Any! Even the humor (hummmm better say attemp to be funny... Most of the time I didn't laugh at all) was the same! I like very distinguish characters... Probably because my English is very poor and I NEED distinguish "voices".

Now... I can say I'm proud I tried and failed. This book? It's really not for me. Are you thinking Th'fuck? Yeah... It's catch... Maybe you will start to say it too after you read it.

I can't give a rating. Maybe it gets better, and would be a great book... I will never know. A DNF for me.