Evolution - Sam Kadence


Even if there is an annoying cliffhanger end I enjoy this book. I will read more, because I'm curious but

*I think it's too chaotic. There are great ideas and original concepts, but it's so chaotic it's all there, together, and I got confused. 
*I like the dark and dangerous characters, KC, but I hate how pitiful Gene is, begging for his attention. Be in love is cute, but be stupid and have no respect for ourself is not. It's dangerous and a wrong message to a romance. I hate each time Gene beg to have KC attention. 

I want to know what will happen now. And just hope it will be more organized, and explained. It's a complex and beautiful world... The writer should slow down and explain the ideas... Or it will be chaos again.

Three of Swords - Theo Fenraven


I enjoy a lot the supernatural world, the mystery (wow! Now I'm curious! What the key open? I must read more to know) and I enjoy A LOT the price. Lol. Sooooo cheap! That's a good thing :)
I had some problems with all the drinking and even cannabis the MCs seems to enjoy so much. I know I'm a little exaggerated, but I don't like it much. That's why it's 3 not 5 stars. It was my only problem! Everything else was ok and interesting :)

It's weird... One example of a character I didn't had problem with his drug abuse is Vic from the PsyCop series. In Three of Swords I had many problems with one being so young (Cooper is 18 years old)) and the other keep buying and giving his beer or stuff with strong content of alcohol (Whiskey). Vic never did it, trying to make others take pills like him, or be stoned as he is to avoid see ghosts. And THAT'S why pills or stuff like that in in the book, not just to be there. There is a reason, a important thing to the plot. I think that's the difference. In Three of Swords the MC (Gray) not just drink but keep drinking a lot, and buying it also to Cooper, without any important reason to e plot. At all. It bothers me so much. He can be stoned as much as he want, drink as much as he want and I don't have problems with it if it's important to the story. But when it's treated as ok, and even something he want to share with his young boyfriend (that can't drink, he is not 21 so legally he can't) I have problems... Big problems. Because there is no explanation, like he want to be stoned or drunk to don't see the future... Nope, he just want to be drunk. Always.

So I want to read more :) Want to know what will happen. But I hope the constant drinking will not be there again, and cannabis will not be treated as just smoke.. Or if it's there, it's Gray not Cooper doing it... And for a good reason, not just to have alcoholic cirrhosis.

All The Colors Of Love - Jessica Freely Wow, it's so hard to talk about this book without spoilers! But I will try.

Reading the blurb I was excited, looking forward to read a superhero story! And I wasn't deluded... even if... all the darkness in the plot also scared me!

The main characters, two teenagers, were adorable
Harry and Antonin are teenager in a mission... kill Harry's father. Yes, better explain immediately their aim, and why I tagged it as a "dark".
Harry's past will be slowly revealed to you. At the age of 15 he already had enough. Borderline between a suicide and an angry teenager his only hope is do something, anything, to undo all the evil his father do. Yes, think about a villain... Harry's father is worst.. much worst of any villain you can imagine!
Antonin a model student. All grades are superb and his school is not a punishment to him. He LOVE be at school, with his friends. I can't talk more without spoilers... I can add just that it's inevitable that Antonin, loved son and perfect student will be irresistible attracted to the bad boy, Harry... but can he save Harry from his self destruction path?

Let me tell you, it pains me but I must say I would never tag this as YA
I'm old.
Let face it, when I was a teen I read book, and love some, hate most (the one the school force me to read). One thing that was common in books were: no sex, and not much violence (explicit violence).
All the color of love is a GREAT book! I LOOOOOVE all the surprises and the GREAT secondary characters (all will also have a small part as narrators). But, no, in my personal (YEAH, it's my personal view) I would not let someone younger than 15 read it. I think always this way "would I let my nephew read it?". My answer to this would be no because... better add it as a list... the reasons:

1) Sex scene is not behind close doors (just one, but it's there).
2)The explicit violence. Harry's father is not just a villain, he is a real sicko... all the things he did to his kid...
3) All, and I mean ALL characters (no exception) had a VERY traumatic event in their past... NO, none (thanks God for that) will relive it, but some are VERY disturbing. I will not say who, just say in one word what I mean: slavery, prostitution (as a minor), drug addiction, homicide.

BUT PLEASE I don't want to scare anyone, just say that IT'S not a coming to age story, of two teens that meet and fall in love... it's MUCH more. GOOD, in my view, and also incredible complex. All characters are tortured heroes... maybe that's why I liked it so much.

You will be surprise how normal and "freaks" (he he he, you must read to know Antonin's family! Believe me... all... are something more than a simple human) can not just go on, live their twisted lives, and have so much love to give. ALL... were superheroes. So my superhero tag remain.

4 stars Taking one star out... the reason is the horrible rape scene. Even if a fake, Antonin fake rape scene scared me a lot. I read and cringed reading it because in my head he was this cute and small teenager... read his gang rape scene, that Harry saw on the computer, really scared me and was so violent and horrible it shocked me

P.S: I don't want to be too weird saying it, but a secondary character steal the spotlight. Certainly Harry and Antonin are great characters but my favorite? The one that would make me squee like a teenager was...Tumcari. I need to build a lake in my yard... maybe a Nymphaea matera can grown there too? I want a Tumcari for me too!!! I WANT HIS BOOK!!!!! (no seriously, I would LOVE to have a book with him, as the main character).
Twice Tempted (Night Prince, #2) - Jeaniene Frost Hummmmmm
I'm not sure I can write a review now. Just finish it and I'm still trying to organize my thoughts.
Some facts:
*It's a great story.
*The heroine (Leila) is funny, smart, fearless, and in love. Completely and totally in love. Pity she love a sicko.
*Vlad, the vampire, is a sicko. True. A "I-will-kill-you-and-laugh-like-a-lunatic-and-also-torture-everyone-close-to-you" kind of sicko. But he is ok. For a vampire YES he is a big sicko (the biggest vampire sicko) but... He is also in love. Don't read it if you get frustrated with slow building romance. Yeah. He is a sicko, very close to his sicko side and denial about his lover side.
*There are more love scenes in this book than the first. And they are all VERY hot.
*A lot of action and betraying is in this book... And no way in hell I will tell you if it end well or not


So I recommend it to readers of paranormal-romance seeking a strong heroine and a very good plot. But also readers that can read some gore and blood... Remember... Vlad= "I-will-kill-you-and-will-laugh-like-a-lunatic-and-also-torture-everyone-close-to-you" kind of sicko. But he is so cute... In a twisted sicko way... He is... cute.

5 stars. Looking forward for the next!
Once Burned (Night Prince, #1) - Jeaniene Frost Noooooooo. How dare youuuuuuuu! Jeaniene Frost!!! How dare you end the book in such important moment? Tell me what will happen!!! Tell me now!!! image

Calming down
Calming down
I love the protagonist. She is brave, intelligent, fearless, loyal. Love also ALL the vampires. Loved the humor of the story.

Ok, need to run,

Love it, great book. Done, that's my review. Can't write more, must run and read the next now. See ya!
18% Gray  - Anne Tenino Th'fuck
No. I can't finish it.
I tried... Twice. I HATE to give up a book. First time I read 15%. Now I reach the (amazing) mark of 50%. And now giving up for real. Definitive.

The reasons I didn't enjoy it, and will now try again:
*Th'fuck. 28 times. 28 excruciating times this expression is repeated in the book (even if I read just 50% I did a search in all file). And it annoyed me. I can understand mannerism, but I can't understand why different characters would use the same Th'fuck thing.
Btw, that also a reason...
*I give up trying to get who was saying what. James and Matt talk, behave, ARE the same person in my (mess up) head. I didn't saw ANY difference between them! Any! Even the humor (hummmm better say attemp to be funny... Most of the time I didn't laugh at all) was the same! I like very distinguish characters... Probably because my English is very poor and I NEED distinguish "voices".

Now... I can say I'm proud I tried and failed. This book? It's really not for me. Are you thinking Th'fuck? Yeah... It's catch... Maybe you will start to say it too after you read it.

I can't give a rating. Maybe it gets better, and would be a great book... I will never know. A DNF for me.
Soldier Mine - Amber Kell hey, it's a real thing or a joke?
This title is an expanded, re-edited release
what? This is the "better" version of the book.. good Lord!

I hate to be a bitch, but I think this book deserve a bitchy review... like all women in the book. All bitches and lunatics and so,I'm authorized to be a bitch too (Yeah, it INFURIATES me a book with ALL bitches, neither one female character pleasant. Nope... all, bitches).

I didn't like:
*the world building (There is none. Facts just happened, rushed, not enough time to explain the world of the characters)
*all women were bitches... yeah I kow I already said it, but must said it again. It really bothers me.
*the Mcs are annoying
*the Mcs should be funny? I didn't laugh... no wait, not true. I laugh reading "This title is an expanded, re-edited release"
*the writing... it didn't work for me
*the "you are mine" stuff of the mating rarely annoys me... in this book it annoyed me a lot.
*all the women were bitches.... yeah again talking about it.

I like
thinking... trying t find something I like.... nope... nothing.

I didn't like it
I don't think it was a pleasant reading, because of the writing and the lack of explanations.
I hate the Mcs and their talks.
Sex scenes were boring.
And of course, let's not forget... all women are bitches. Yeah... it REALLY infuriates me.

So, it's my bitchy review... 1 star
The Trust - Shira Anthony, Venona Keyes Nothing is what seems... absolutely nothing...

Jake Anders
The top agent from The Trust. Born as a backup agency to the CIA, the trust is much more... it's the ultimate spy agency.
Jake Anders is the top agent of The Trust. He hate it, he never want to be the best, not because he is not competitive, but because the best, his mentor's dead, is the reason he is now the best agent.

Trace Michelson's death change everything in the agency, and to Jake Anders's life. Before his death, the brilliant scientist and agent Trace lost his life leaving Jake with the biggest mystery of all... what is the Resurrection project.
No one know it, and Jake is the key to solve this mystery.

No one can the trust... neither inside The Trust
It's a spy story. Keep it in mind. This is not an erotic book, and neither a romance. Don't read it because you want to read a love story. YES, Jake will not hide how in love he was. He will still be in love.
It's a high-tech story. Chips inside men heads, talking to them and helping the agents. Forget agents doing long surveillance to learn about their target... they just have to think, and ask to their chip. That's how Jake works now, after his chip implant... and he use it to just one aim... find Trace. Yes, Trace is dead, but Jake don't believe it, and most of all, don't accept it.
It's also a story full of twists and surprises.
But not always action and more action... from USA to Nepal, from present to past, from reality to computer simulations... it's a VERY complex plot, and I LOVED IT

I like when a book seems to scream I DARE YOU TO READ ME AND FIND OUT THE TRUTH
This book was addicting and IMPOSSIBLE to understand! AND I LOVED IT because up to the last page, the last mission, the last word, it's a SPY story!

I can't give less than 5 stars and NOW finally, after finishing it, I can breathe normally again.
The Degan Incident (Galactic Conspiracies) - Rob Colton 5 stars, and Kudos because:

*Dev, the human and only narrator is soooooo cute. Always in cloths to big for him, always loving a big and older guy to hold him, loving a Degan for what he is (an incredible person) not for his look (Degans are beast like creatures). I ADORED him. Look one example:

"You're handsome", I wishpered as I looked into his eyes.
"For a non-human?"
"No, for a man. Human or otherwise."
"Humans call our kind beasts or beastmen."
"Well, you're more beauty than beast to me"

HOW FUCKING CUTE IS THAT???? Damn... Devin McSmith is soooo CUTE!

*Bastian, the beast-like alien, aka a Degan, is SOOOOOO HOT! A mix between a human and a lion... he PURRS!!!!! He is big, furry, muscular and... totally and completely devoted to his human, Dev. I LOVED HIM

* ALL female characters are pleasant persons. I'm TIRED of bitching/ex girfriends/bitches that are ALL females. In this book ALL female characters are amazing, and I LOVED all!

*Even if THERE IS ABUSE (beware, there is... crude scenes, even if it's quick it's THERE! Abuse, aka, torture) it's such a sweet story! SOOO romantic! Adorable...

Yeah, it's a 5 stars story.... I would LOVE to read more!
Spook Squad - Jordan Castillo Price 8 days
Never, EVER, i struggle so long to read a PsyCop book. Ever...
Because I love Vic so much, always was so happy reading and having so much fun I would take hours, not DAYS to finish a PsyCop book.
Exactly what I felt about is book is in this review

Yes, I like it, but didn't love it.

It's a very "old" series. No, not meaning from another era, meaning I'm reading it for so long maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to getting tired? I don't know. Maybe I was so anxious to read it that book 7 didn't make me smile and laugh so much as the previous books. I don't know exactly why, but yeah... 8 days... It seems surreal, but yeah, one PsyCop book deluded me. This one.

Or maybe I'm just a jealous bitch, and want Jacob as the main person on Vic thoughts, not Lisa or anyone else. Why so much time wondering about agent Bly or Lisa. You have Jacob! Wake up Vic! He is there, in front of you! Love him and just SHOW ME Jacob, not secondary characters!

2,5 stars. Round up to 3.
Aklesh - Samuel Jarius Pettit Did you ever woke up in the middle of the night, completely awake... knowing you can't go back to sleep?
I did, it was 2am, and I knew I couldn't go back to sleep. Awake and trying to decide what to do I remember I had this book to read. Bad choice... no, not because I didn't like it, but because I KNEW I would not stop, before finish it. It was too good to put down!

The plot
During a outburst or rage, and in childish behave, the crown Prince Gar run from everything. Taking a starship he do what he always do, fly around, anywhere... somewhere far from all his responsibilities and problems.
What he couldn't imagine if how his live would change, and maybe also the universe.

The sci-fi theme
When I remember I had this book to read my thoughts were ALL to the sci-fi theme I read on the blurb. I wasn't disappointed! At all!
Aliens, in a alien world, with alien animals and alien customs. That's all what Gar will find when his startship crash in a "forgotten" world of the galaxy.He will be forced to be with a strange tribe, with the Aklesh people.
Saved by Kai'thal, a apprentice healer, Gar as the narrator will let you see it... and it's fantastic! That's why I LOOOOOVE sci-fi so much! I WAS there too, in that strange world.

Action and also... maybe romance
No, I can't talk about romance. It's.. not an erotic book. There is NONE sex scene, even if there is... romance. Something I CAN'T talk about :D
I can't ruin your fun!
The prince must learn a lot, and maybe the most important lesson is a very simple one: freedom in a state of mind.

It's perfect, and that why I gave 5 stars?
Depends... it was perfect giving me great hours of fun, knowing about an alien world.
It wasn't perfect if I talk about editing (some minor problems, like punctuations) and I think it wasn't perfect in how the plot was developed. Maybe there is a project for a sequel, and that can explain why so much was "wasted" in the court, because I can't explain some fact told, that don't happen (like Gar's live being in danger? There will be an attempt to kill him? Or, why his sister and the doctor encounter is so important to be told?. When I read I always try to see all possibilities, of all scenes, and when some don't "end" don't have a explanation of why it was there It bothers me. Also the end... so sudden, almost too rushed... an epilogue maybe would be better IMO, giving me some more pages, and an idea of what will happen from that point.

So, in my modest opinion it's a 5 stars book because it was perfect, addicting, and I couldn't put it down before the last page.

PS: I rarely do it, but I must say some words about the book cover.
This is perfect, [bc:Aklesh|12368208|Aklesh|Samuel Jarius Pettit||17348455]. Maybe not much appealing, the weird not good looking alien on the right, but THAT'S the alien race! That's how they look like.
When I got it I bought the kindle file with this cover:
hummm.... who are the them? Sorry, it really don't show me anything from the story. Who are those two? The dark hair is Gar, ok, and the other one? He is a slut, being in love with someone from Aklesh and having a human somewhere as a lover? :D Maybe... I don't know. :D The second human on the book cover is.. odd.
I saw a upcoming edition cover and ADORED IT! click here. THAT'S a great cover... even if, I must admit, I still love this one, [bc:Aklesh|12368208|Aklesh|Samuel Jarius Pettit||17348455]. I'm not shallow :D I like the alien on the right.. and... if it's Kai, damn, I'm in love :D
Weird of not, it's what Kai is... and I adore him, how he is :)
Forever: Spy vs. Spook Series, Book 3 - Tinnean Oh...
Ok I rarely do this, but this I must do it. I will not write a review. Read this one, Trisha said EXACTLY what I think.

Yeah I can't add a review.. This book is too amazing, too good, too funny too... Remarkable.
I had serious troubles with all the repeated scenes on book one and two (two point of views, Mark and Quinn's, same scene you read from BOTH men). This book didn't had it.
It's perfection.
It's sad, it's full of suspense, full of action, full of jokes (that crack me up!!!!) and most of all, full of love!.
That's why I can't add a review... I loved it so much, I'm specheless.

I wish I could give 5 thousand stars... Gr don't allow it... So I'm giving 5 stars.

Yeah 5 (thousand) stars

And looking forward for more... I need more!
Not My Spook! - Tinnean Well well well... Mark and Quinn did it again... bewitched me!

First things first... again there are two POV, and there are repetition of scenes, something that already happened in the first book of the series, Houseboat on the Nile .

BUT, as you may notice, this time even the repetition bother me a little, it's a 5 stars book!


Evidence number one: this book has a spy plot. Agents from various agencies are MIA. Both CIA (Quinn's agency) and WBIS (Mark's agency) are worried and it may be a very important threat.

Evidence number two: there is much more romance

Evidence number three: Mark is always an asshole.. but maybe now he is an asshole in love. That change EVERYTHING. :D

Evidence number four: in the story there will be more about Matheson and Theo... I LOVED it. Their story is very interesting...not just because it's hilarious to read Mark reaction to each time this relationship is in the book, but also because it's so cute! I love them :)

Evidence number five: Quinn and Mark... no more need to be said. It's not easy to two men as them be together, and it's certainly not easy to them be apart... so yeah. It's a story that certainly will be interesting to read!

P.S.: May I add something? I really hate the "lost of time" of Quinn's fantasy. Yeah, you are allowed to call me asshole, because I really hate all those pages, of him imagining how it would be meet Mark on the Olympics games. IMO, it was a waste of pages, that could have something from the present time -.-"
Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean Spy mind games... or should I say, love games?

So, my thoughts about this book...

Let me talk quickly about the prose (quickly because I'm DYING to talk about the Mcs :D So yeah... quickly)
It's weird
Yes, in one word I would say: it's VERY weird.
The book is structured to give the reader the most deep perception about the story. It's a 1st person narration and both main characters will be the narrator. Neither of those give me the "weird" feeling while reading... the repetition was the odd thing.
Each scene, I mean ALL, will be repeated. When Mark stop talking, Quinn will start, showing to you the exact same scene... from his POV. Even dialogs will be repeated, obviously from the different POV.
I'm starting the review saying this was the ONLY problem I had with it, and the only reason it's not a 5 stars. I love the book and adored the deep immersion on it seeing everything from both POV BUT it also tired me. I love/hate it, and it also confuses me (because my English sucks :D and I had to be VERY attentive to understand everything twice).
BTW read the observations by the writer at the begin.. the story is placed in 2002, so yeah, characters will be stunned seeing DVDs :D and Cds are thing from rich people :D

Now FINALLY let me say some words about the Mcs.. and for obvious reasons let me start talk about... MARK!

Mark, a WBIS (Washington Bureau of Intelligence) agent
He is adorable and arrogant
Cute and terrifying
Caring and egoist
He is perfect :)))

He is everything together. I must tell you probably you WILL hate him. A lot. He is chauvinist (with a good reason. Can't talk about his past, but he never had a good example from a woman... maybe he is changing... maybe not... that's how he is... horrible... just horrible... and you will love him). He is attentive, caring deeply for his landlords (I WILL NOT spoil talking about them... so cute :D). He is egoist and paranoid... he is... really adorable.

Quinn, A CIA agent
He is classy.
His walk, talk, manners and behave... all show his great education and politeness. He is CIA... he is the exact opposite of Mark.

It's a spy story without a spy plot..
It's all about... the main characters. Their story (not much about Mark... but Quinn you will know very well). Their... mind games. Or should I say love games?

4 stars

looking forward for the next... maybe things will be hotter... or dangerous... who knows? It's a spy world... just the best can win.. but if, BOTH are the best in their agencies? Who will win?

Must read more to know :D
Goblins, Book One - Melanie Tushmore I just preorder it!
A Strong and Sudden Thaw - R. W. Day I do my best to avoid too many images in reviews, but SOME BOOKS (as this one) deserve it... to express my feelings better

First: I HAVE TO tell you this is a freaking sad book. No, not just sad... it will break your heart, scatter the bits around the world, birds will eat each piece and shit it around, rain will fall and send more and more afar... ok, you get it no? yeah, it's VERY SAD!
No, I'm not talking about happy end or not, I'm talking about ALL the book, not the end. I will not talk about the end because it didn't end... it's the first and I have to read the second to know if there will be happiness

Now, about the story
It's amazing... I was destroyed reading all the tragedies BUT I was also loving it.
In a post-apocalyptic future humankind live in a ice hell. Cold...
it's always cold, snow everywhere and DRAGONS!
Oh yeah... DRAGONS
You read it because you MUST know what the hell is happening! Why all humans are in such horrible conditions? What happened that cause this glacial era? And WTH? Dragons?
That's the World our protagonist live... and that's the World David will tell you about.

The main character
Well... David... I have no words to tell you how adorable
and fool he is! Nothing he do goes well!
I must admit if he was someone near me I would bitch slap him a lot
I can't say more... I wish I could but I may ruin the story... let me just warn you telling HE WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS! He is too noble, too brave, too... innocent!

The romance
Ok, there is cool story (DRAGONS!!!!!) and a main character that WILL drive you nuts and... there is also romance.

nooooo... don't get excited about it... remember my first warning? TRAGEDIES!!!

I have no idea what to think...
I loooove this book so much, and it hurt me so badly! I don't know... I WANT to know how the story will end, and read the sequel ([b:Out of the Ashes|8033430|Out of the Ashes (A Strong and Sudden Thaw, #2)|R.W. Day||12643110]) but I'm sooooooooo scared!

I know things will get ugly... no wait, uglier... everything is already doomed!


Because this story gave me such strong love/hate/sadness feelings and I can't give less than 5 stars! (and will try to be brave and read the sequel... eventually)

Thanks for the attention, and sorry for all the images

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